In Development & Planned Projects

In Development

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GWR Pannier Tanks

GWR 5700 & 8750 classes

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BR Brake Tenders

A pack covering many variations of BR Brake Tenders and their prototypes!

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BR General Utility Vans (GUV)

The GUV was used to transport newspapers, parcels and other items of goods. It could be found all over the BR network.

Planned Projects

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GWR Hall & Modified Hall

Both the GWR Hall & Modified Halls in one comprehensive pack!

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No. 71000 "Duke of Gloucester"

BR's unique Standard Class 8 pacific locomotive! Endorsed by & in close co-operation with the BR Standard Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust

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LNER Peppercorn Class A2

One of the LNER's most powerful express passenger designs.