BR Black 5 Caprotti


The London Midland and Scottish Railway Class 5 4-6-0, almost universally known as the Black Five, was introduced by William Stanier in 1934 and 842 were built between then and 1951. Members of the class survived to the last day of steam on British Railways in 1968 and eighteen are preserved. This class of locomotive was often a favourite amongst drivers and railway fans.

The last two of the 842 LMS Stanier Black Fives, numbers 44686 and 44687 were constructed by British Railways at Horwich Works in 1951. They were fitted with Caprotti valve gear, raised running plates without splashers, a double chimney and roller bearings on all axles. 44686 and 44687 were fitted with a modified form of valve gear, with an external shaft on each side, driven by a worm gear mounted on a flycrank attached to the middle driving axle.

Key Features

  • Accurate models of 44686 & 44687
  • 2 authentic liveries:
    • British Railways
      • Early
      • Late
  • Tenders
    • Stanier 4,000 Gallon Tenders with rivetted tanks and roller bearings.
  • Customisable lamp arrangement (locomotive and tender)
  • High Intensity lamps for fictional modern mainline running
  • Customisable loco numbers, controlling the following features:
    • Number
    • Shed plate code
    • Lamp codes (front and rear)
  • Realistic performance physics
  • Realistic regulator and steam chest simulation
  • Vacuum Brake Ejectors
  • BR ATC simulation
  • Injector simulation
  • Gauge Glass blowdown
  • Realistic adhesion model
  • Stunning fire and smoke effects
  • Directional sanders
  • Functioning isolation valves in cab
  • Steam heat simulation
  • Opening cab doors, windows and vents
  • Gauge vibrations at speed
  • Performance mode for less powerful PCs
  • Water Scoop
  • Automatic Fireman
  • 3 engaging scenarios
  • 10 Quick Drive consists


Required for Scenarios:

Required for Quick Drive Consists only:

Size: 650 Mb