Class 50 Mega Scenario Pack


Grab your master key and prepare yourself for 18 authentic scenarios with the Armstrong Powerhouse/Bossman Games Class 50 locomotive.

The Class 50 has become a firm favourite amongst rail enthusiasts, and in this pack we recreate 18 services - based on real-life events - on various Train Simulator routes. With over 19 hours of gameplay, this pack is a must for any Class 50 fan!

For a full run-down of the scenarios included in this pack CLICK HERE.

  • Screenshot_Western Mainlines_50.12395--5.53032_16-10-05.jpg
  • Screenshot_Western Mainlines_50.35654--4.70446_17-12-37.jpg
  • Screenshot_South Wales Coastal - Bristol to Swansea_51.59088--2.99675_18-26-37.jpg
  • Screenshot_South Wales Coastal - Bristol to Swansea_51.47545--3.17823_11-00-05.jpg
  • Screenshot_South Wales Coastal - Bristol to Swansea_51.58385--2.95936_10-43-19.jpg
  • Screenshot_Portsmouth Direct Line - London Waterloo to Portsmouth_50.79830--1.09257_13-35-29.jpg
  • Screenshot_Riviera Line_50.72848--3.54352_13-52-46.jpg
  • Screenshot_Just Trains - The Kyle Line_57.48155--4.21992_06-49-27.jpg

Scenario Requirements

Locomotives/Rolling Stock


Free Downloads

Thanks go to Backdated Train Sim, DP Simulations and Richard Fletcher for use of their free reskins in this scenario pack.

Bossman Games cannot be held responsible for any incorrect installation of free reskins from third parties. Please follow all installation instructions carefully.